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10 Ways To Connect With Your Higher Self

Our world has become incredibly noisy. There are constant distractions, noise and light coming at you from all directions. The pull of screens, whether it is a phone, tablet, computer or TV is constantly entrancing us, and disconnecting us from ourselves. So how can we reconnect with ourselves and engage with our own spirit? How can we connect with our higher self and return to a place of peace and fulfillment? Here are 10 ways to get started.

10 Ways To Reconnect With Your Higher Self

Connecting With Your Higher Self

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As a teen I used to spend a lot of time outside. I would wander in the bush or ride my horses through fields, far away from anyone and any distraction. Like many teens, it was a time of self discovery, and I loved going out into nature and connecting with myself. I had many profound moments during those wanders. A sense of connection with a greater cosmic energy. A sense of understanding and purpose about the greater good.

I miss that sensation. Our world has become so noisy. As a mother and entrepeneur, life is incredibly busy. I rarely have a moment alone. And even then I feel like I am truly never alone anymore.

So this year I am setting my intentions to work on reconnecting with my higher self. It won’t be easy. Getting in touch with the truest version of yourself can be a bit challenging, especially when I am so out of practice, but these tips can make the process easier. To foster and engage with myself once again I have 10 different approaches I will be using.


One of the best ways to block out all of the noise is to meditate. Create a sacred space. It could be indoors, outdoors, it could be a temporary space you set out only when the kids are in bed, or it could be a small corner that you leave set up all the time. Find a space and then start practicing. Meditating takes a lot of practice. When you start it will be hard to find a comfortable way to sit. Things will distract you. You will suddenly become itchy or that hip joint will start acting up. Then your mind will start racing as you think of work, your to do list, your child’s latest outburst, the bills that need paying.

All of these are distractions. They are pulling you away from your higher self. Take a deep breath. Listen to those distractions for a moment, then imagine putting them in a box up on the shelf for you to examine later. Repeat with the next distraction.

Practice meditating every day if possible. Start with short sessions, about 10 minutes long. Increase it as you are able. With practice those distractions will be less intense. Occur less often. Eventually allowing you to really engage with your higher self. Reconnect with your authentic self.


This is a tough one for many people. Often we feel the need to constantly have a voice. To be heard. Next time you are in a conversation, try not to talk, instead just sit and listen to what the other person is saying. Often, in conversations, we are so busy formulating a response to someone’s words, that we don’t truly hear what they are saying. Try just focusing on listening.

You can also do this away from people. Stop and listen to the sounds around you. Take a walk and listen to the sounds of your neighbourhood. Just tune and let yourself be quiet and listen for a bit. You will be amazed how clear your inner voice becomes in the silence.

Follow Your Heart

When it comes to decision making, it is important that we learn how to follow our heart. It can become so easy to make decisions based on what is best for others, what is easiest, or what is most convenient. Try stopping for a moment and listen to your heart. What choice do you truly want to make?

Be Accountable

Accountability and taking responsibility for your life, decisions and actions is so important. Someone once told me that the best thing you can realize is when something is truly your fault and responsibility. See the only thing in life you truly control is yourself and your reactions to things. So when the something that needs changing is you, that is perfect! Because only you can fix that!


Whether you start a traditional journal, a gratitude journal, a manifestation journal or use a journaling app, writing out your thoughts is one of the best ways to really tune into your inner voice. As you write, you can sift through all of the chaos and noise, until eventually you are left with only your authentic heart and self.

Consult the Cards

A wonderful and powerful way to connect with your higher self is through Tarot (or Oracle cards). This approach is so powerful it deserves its own article. You can learn more about Manifesting Your Higher Self with Tarot here.

Manifest your highest self with tarot

Eat Healthy Foods

We hear this over and over again and it is so true. What we feed our body directly affects everything we do. I know how amazingly delicious those treats are, but it is important that they remain occasional treats. The rest of the time make sure you are eating your fruits and veggies, eating a balanced diet with healthy portions, and always drinking lots of water.

Listen to Music

Studies have shown that listening to music can have profound effects on stress levels, mood, wellbeing and sleep. With these changes in our stress levels and mood, it can make it easier to focus inward and tap into your inner self.

Chose your music carefully and take note of how different types of music affect you. Perhaps start by trying some incredibly powerful composers such as Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi, or Beethoven. Just 15 minutes a day of focused listening can have a big impact.

Read A Book

There are some really great books available that can help guide you with various practices and techniques for tapping into your higher self. These books can be extremely inspiring, empowering and uplifting. A great tool to add to your box on your path to your higher self.

Be Outside

One of the greatest ways you can connect with your higher self is something I discovered as a teen. Being in nature. There is nothing more powerful than getting outside and into the majesty of our Earth. Moving away from the crowds, the work, the incessant noise and distraction, and just being in our natural environment is one of the most powerful ways you can silence the world and reconnect with your higher self.

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