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Beltane – Rituals and Traditions of the Spring Fire Festival

With the warming of the Earth comes one of my favourite festivals of the year – Beltane! It is a time that is literally buzzing with energy as we give thanks to Mother Earth for her renewal and fertility. Hope is everywhere. Flowers are blooming. People are celebrating love. Vitality and life is all around us! This is the Fire Festival of Beltane.

Celebrating Beltane

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What is Beltane?

So let’s dig into this bright and colourful festival!

Beltane is a Gaelic festival celebrated in the spring. It is observed in many cultures around the world (often known as May Day), but it has its roots in ancient Celtic traditions. This Sabbat is a celebration of fertility, growth, and abundance, with strong associations with the awakening of the earth after winter, and the blossoming of flowers and trees.

When is Beltane?

Beltane is a one of four cross-quarter days in the Wheel of the Year. It is celebrated on May 1st in the Northern Hemisphere and November 1 in the Southern Hemisphere, and marks the midpoint between the spring equinox and the summer solstice.

On the Pagan Wheel of the Year, featuring the 8 Sabbats, it falls after Ostara (Spring Equinox) and before Litha (Summer Solstice).

In Ireland and Scotland, this festival was seen as the beginning of summer.

What are other names for Beltane?

Beltane (pronounced Bel-tain) means “bright fire” or “fires of Bel” in Celtic. The word comes from the combination of the Celtic words “bel” meaning bright one and “teine,” which means fire, so it is not surprising that it is also referred to as Fire Festival.

This is a celebration of the god Belenus, the Celtic god of fire. He was believed to ensure fertility and prosperity of the land and the herds, plus offered healing and light to the ancient Celtic pagans.

Through history there have been many variations on the spelling of of Beltane and the name, including: Beltaine, Belltaine, Bealtaine, Beltain, Beltine, Bealteine, Bealtuinn, Boaldyn.

In some cultures, this spring festival is popularly called May Day.

Beltane Pagan Holiday

In pagan traditions Beltane celebrates the time of year when the God and Goddess are equal in power and the masculine and feminine energies are united. The holiday celebrates their union, the union of Earth and Sky, through traditions such as fertility rites, fire festivals, and dancing around the maypole.

At Beltane, we celebration creation and the union of the God and Goddess. Spring makes us feel young again. It gives us hope and marks new beginnings as the world around us is coming alive. Creation is at its peak as Earth renews. One very popular pagan Beltane tradition is to jump over a bonfire. At Beltane we jump over the fires of vitality and youth and allow that vitality to enliven and heal us.

How to Celebrate Beltane?

The festival is typically marked with various customs, rituals, and festivities, which may vary depending on regional traditions. If you are able, attending the Beltane Fire Festival in Scotland would be an incredible experience. Some common elements of Beltane celebrations include:


Beltane is known for its bonfires, to honor the sun and promote fertility and abundance. People may jump over the bonfires for luck and protection. The smoke is also believed to provide purification and blessings. Traditionally farmers would drive their cattle and other livestock through the smoke of the bonfires to cleanse and protect them during mating season and through the summer. Have an outdoor fire, or if that is not possible, burn a candle for the fire festival.

Maypole Dancing

An iconic image of Beltane is the bright and colourful Maypole. It is a tall pole with one end buried in the ground. Then festival goers dance around the pole holding colourful ribbons. The men go one way, and women another, weaving their ribbons around the Maypole, all while dancing and singing. The Maypole symbolizes the intertwining of the masculine and feminine energies, and celebrating fertility and union. You may be able to find a local festival to attend that has a Maypole, or make a small one to include on your Beltane altar.

Greenery and Flowers

Beltane is a time to decorate homes and outdoor spaces with greenery, flowers, and other symbols of spring and growth. It is common to create floral wreaths, garlands, and bouquets, and to wear or hang them as decorations. Make a flower crown, as the Ancient Romans did to celebrate the goddess Flora.


What festival would be complete without food! With the warmer weather many love to include picnics, barbecues, and communal meals as part of their celebrations with friends, loved ones and their community. One popular activity is to make Bannock over the fire.

Rituals and Blessings

Beltane is a time for performing rituals and blessings to promote fertility, protection, good fortune and abundance. These may include prayers, invocations, and offerings to deities or spirits associated with the season. This can also include having incredible ritual sex with your partner, as a way of honouring the divine within each of you.

Connect with Ancestors

Many believe the veil is thin during Beltane, just as it is during Samhain. This is a wonderful time to connect with your ancestors. Burn a candle for them. Meditate and reach out asking for their guidance and love. Spend time bathing yourself in their love.

Beltane Symbols and Symbolism


Flowers are the most popular symbol at Beltane and represent life and vibrancy. The type of flowers will vary by region but could include: daisies, violets, wild roses, coneflowers, and elderflowers. Focus on using those native to your region that are early bloomers.


Trees are another symbol of Beltane as they are budding out and awakening as they turn green and flower. Some trees of Beltane include: Mayday Tree, Rowan, Hawthorn and Birch.


Colours play a big role in Beltane. In fact, in my experience it is one of the most colourful festivals. Although I love to bring in a full rainbow of bright, vibrant colours, the main colours of this fire festival include:

  • Green (fertility, growth, abundance, earth),
  • Red (passion, sexual energy, fire),
  • Yellow (the sun, happiness, hope)


I love incorporating special crystals into all of my festive altars and Beltane is no exception! For Beltane I love to include Rose Quartz, especially a point or pillar, to symbolize masculine and feminine energy and their union. I also love to include crystals such as a Carnelian flame (all red and fiery!), Prehnite (green and earthy), and Citrine or Sunstone to connect with solar energy.

The Green Man

In the Wiccan tradition, it is time to celebrate the sexual union of the Goddess and the God. Mother Earth is being impregnated by the seed of the Green Man.

The Maypole

The maypole is a phallic symbol of the masculine energy which is then joyfully embraced by colorful ribbons, symbolic of the beautiful abundance and diversity of our living world.

Beltane Tarot Spread

One of my favourite ways to celebrate the sabbats is with a tarot reading for the coming season. Here is one you can do.

Beltane Tarot Spread

More Beltane Resources

If you are looking to learn more about Beltane, one of my favourite books is: Beltane: Rituals, Recipes & Lore for May Day (Llewellyn’s Sabbat Essentials, 2). This is a great resource that provides a wealth of wisdom.

Beltane is a time of joy, vitality, and renewal. This is when we celebrate Earth as she is warming, bringing abundance for the year, and renewing. It’s a time of fertility and love, and honouring that beautiful connection we have to others through our powerful emotions. The veil is believed to be thin at this time, allowing us to connect with our ancestors and those loved ones who have moved on.

More than anything, Beltane is a celebration of hope, love, and growth. Enjoy celebrating this special sabbat!

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