DIY Resin project crystal phone grip

Crystal DIY Phone Grip

I don’t know about you, but I love incorporating crystals and flowers into all my daily activities. And what do I always have with me no matter what I am doing? My cell phone! To bring in some positive, communication friendly crystal vibrations to my phone, today we are doing a DIY phone grip project that is packed with crystals and flowers. Gorgeous!

DIY Resin Crystal Phone Grip Project

DIY Resin project crystal phone grip

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When it comes to our connection to the world, nothing in todays world connects us more than our cell phones. It is staggering to think how important cell phones have become in our daily lives.

As such an important tool, I felt it was also important that I bring the right energies to my phone. One of the ways to do this is to create a phone grip customized to my intentions.

This simple DIY resin project also makes a gorgeous homemade gift idea.

How to Make Custom Phone Grips

Supplies and Tools:

UV Resin
UV Lamp (a nail lamp works great!)
Dried Flowers or Herbs
Biodegradeable Gold Flakes/Glitter (change the colour to suit your preference)
Crystal Flakes (of your chosen crystal type)
Mica powder (optional)
Phone Grip Silicone Mold
Popsicle sticks for stirring
Small cup (small medicine cups work great)
Heat gun to pop air bubbles (optional)
Safety equipment/PPE (see below for details)

Safety Tips for Working with Resin

Resin must be worked with safety and a number of precautions need to be taken. Always read and follow the resin labels, safety data sheets or material safety data sheets for the type of resin you are using.

Always wear protection such as a respirator mask, safety glasses, protective clothing (cover all skin), and gloves. The respirator mask must use organic vapor filters to be effective. Also, ensure all pets and other people are not in the space while you are working.

Work in a well ventilated area.

You need a nail lamp or UV lamp to cure the resin.

UV resin is good for small projects like this one. For big products you need to use resin epoxy.

If you add mica powder, alcohol inks, etc. you will need to cure it longer. The same goes for molds that are not clear. It is hard for the UV light to penetrate.

For more safety tips on working with resin I found this resource very helpful.


To start, add a sprinkle of gold flakes and crystal flakes to a small cup with about ½ oz of resin. For this project we used Citrine which promotes creativity, protects from negative influences and eases communication. You pick what works for you!

Pour the resin around the sides of your mold.

Use the heat gun to carefully remove any bubbles. Always use caution with the heat gun as heat can damage your mold. If you do not have a heat gun or don’t want to risk damage to your mold, wait 5-10 minutes for the bubbles to pop on their own or try to pop them with a tooth pick.

Cure with the UV light for 1 minute (60 seconds).

Pour a small amount of resin in the center of the mold and add your flower.

Cure with UV light for 1 minute.

Optional Steps:

  • Add some glitter: take a small paint brush and dip it in some glitter. Flick the brush and sprinkle the glitter on  the surface for a little added sparkle.
  • Add some colour: add some mica powder to your resin in a small cup before adding it to the mold to add a pop of colour to your resin. Adding mica will require additional curing time.

Fill the mold completely with resin and then cure for 2 minutes on the first side, flip the mold over and cure for 2 minutes on the other side.

Take it out of the UV light and let it cool down.

Once it is cool to the touch, remove it from the mold.

Resin DIY project with flowers and crystals

If it is bendy, it needs more time curing.

Attaching to Your Phone

Attaching your phone grip to the stand can be done several ways.

  1. Apply a thin layer of resin to the stand and put your phone grip on it. Cure for 4 minutes. I really don’t like doing this because it is a very permanent attachment and if you like changing your phone grips you would have to buy more stands.
  2. Using hot glue is another option but if you make a clear phone grip keep in mind it will show through, so be neat with the glue.
  3. My favorite way is using micro glue dots. It attaches but you can also carefully remove it if you want to change it in the future.

Additional Uses

The cool thing with this project is that you can also use these creations in other ways too!

I love the idea of using them as decorative drawer knobs or pulls. If you have a little curio cabinet or set of drawers that needs a creative touch these little disks make a fantastic addition! Attach them in a similar way to the phone grip techniques.

You could also use them to create unique keychains or even a pendant.

Have fun creating and bringing your own special magic and creativity to the world.

Crystal and flowers resin project

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