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Crystals and Tarot

Just like tarot, crystals have gone from whispered secrets in new age stores to common place spiritual items. They can now be found in yoga studios, chain bookstores, and even schools. Each of these tools falls under the spiritual wellness umbrella and books on each subject can often be found on the same shelf at the bookstore.

Crystals and Tarot:

Go together like two magical peas in a magical pod!

Crystals and Tarot

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Tarot and crystals don’t need to be used independently of other tools. In fact, incorporating crystals into your tarot practice is a wonderful way to connect more with your cards, clear your energy, and awaken your intuition. Read on to discover how these two go together like two crystal peas in a pod!

Crystals 101

Entire books are written about crystals, but let’s discuss the basics so that you can get started.

First off, how can these shiny, pretty objects help us out? Crystals are energy absorbers, transmuters, and emitters. They can absorb energies, transmute them, and emit a higher vibration. Ever walk into a room and felt that it was tense? No one told you that it was tense, you just sensed it? That’s energy, and your body is picking up on it. Crystals can help us keep the energy in our spaces feeling peaceful and loving, help our own personal energies stay elevated, and help keep our magical tools cleansed.

Different crystals have different vibes and are known for different purposes.

Quartz, for example, is usually your go-to, all purpose crystal. As an amplifier of energy, you can charge it with your intent to help with any energetic work.

Rose quartz is known for emotional energy, healing our heart chakras and promoting love energies.

Citrine is known for abundance, luck, confidence, and a connection to our solar plexus chakra.

We all have our own energetic identities, and so we will not all respond to the same crystals the same way. I am a huge fan of pyrite, but I know people who feel off when they hold it. Read about crystals, of course, but always trust how you feel. Your body, your energy, will help you know what you need.

Using Tarot and Crystals

Tarot is a tool that works with our energies, aligning with the reader and picking up on the energy of the client. As such, it is recommended that they are energetically cleansed from time to time in order to maintain a high vibration. Crystals need to be cleansed as well, although certain crystals are used to cleanse objects, tarot cards included.

Crystals such as selenite are wonderful to cleanse not just tarot cards, but other magical objects as well. Selenite is a crystal that has a very high vibration. It is associated with the angelic realm and the spiritual chakras, helping us connect with the highest vibrational energy of the universe. Using selenite to cleanse yourself of other people’s energy when you return home is a great way to ensure that you don’t bring home anyone else’s low vibes that don’t serve you. Selenite wands can help us detach energy cords (lines of energy that connect us to someone else) if needed. I’ve known tarot readers who keep a piece of selenite with their deck at all times in order to keep the energy of the tarot deck clear.

Other ways to cleanse your tarot deck and crystals include smoke from cleansing herbs, leaving it in the light of a full moon, sound cleansing with a singing bowl or a bell, leaving them to sit in a houseplant or in your garden for a period of time (watch out for rain!) or meditating with them and imaging them cleansed in a healing white light.

Set the Mood

Where you choose to read your tarot cards is up to you, but it is recommended that it is done is a space that feels comfortable and sacred to you. Adding crystals can help raise the vibrations of your room and help your space feel more sacred.

For example, you can use what is referred to as a crystal grid in your room if you wish to protect it. I’ve heard of a few variations with this, so here is what I do and have found to work well. Put a piece of black tourmaline in two corners of the room (corners facing each other) and a piece of selenite in the other two corners. Set the intention that these crystals will protect your space from any unwanted energies, ensuring your space remains sacred and safe.

Crystals can help you consciously create the energy of your space when you read tarot. This can help you feel protected, open, and aligned for your tarot reading.  

Tarot and crystals

Using crystals with tarot readings

Besides helping your ambience for a tarot reading, there are a number of ways that crystals can help you feel more grounded, confident, and intuitive for your reading.

As we discussed in the previous paragraph, crystals can help you set a spiritually comfortable, safe, and empowering energy in your reading space. Just as they can help your space, they can also help you align your own personal energies in the way that is in your highest good.

Amethyst can help cleanse and heal our aura, which is very helpful before engaging in any kind of energy work.

Smoky quartz is very grounding and protective. My reiki teachers told us that when we focus too much on our spiritual chakras (throat, third eye, crown) and ignore our physical ones, we can become what we call in the energy biz “top heavy.” This could mean you feel dizzy, fuzzy or unfocused. Even though we are connecting to our intuition, it is still important to stay grounded and balanced.

There are also crystals (which we will discuss below) that help with confidence. Take it from me, when you first start reading cards for strangers, it’s both exciting and nerve-wracking! Having crystals with you to help ground your energy, feel confident in your messages and aligned with your intuition can make a big difference.

If you’re confident but feel unsure of your communication skills, there are also crystals that help you feel open and trusting in the messages that you receive and communicate.

When seeking a crystal to help with your tarot practice, ask yourself in what area you need help. Then seek out the crystal that can help with that area of struggle.

Finding crystals

One of the best ways to find the crystal you need is to go to a metaphysical or crystal store and spend time with a wide variety of crystals. You may be surprised when you go to the store! A crystal that you may not have expected to connect with, may sing to you. Trust that, because this is your intuition picking up on the crystal that is truly in your highest good.

So many crystals… how do I choose?

You’ll notice that there are many different crystal books and there is a never-ending variety of crystals to be found at your favourite witchy stores or online. To help you get started, here is a list of affordable crystals that are generally easy to find to get you started on your tarot and crystal magic adventure.


A protective, high spiritual vibration crystal that is calming and can help you be more open to spiritual insight. Learn more about Amethyst in our special resource.


Filters electromagnetic pollution, promotes calm in the body, diffuses negative energy.

Black Tourmaline:

Helps protect against electromagnetic energies and general low energies, helps with grounding, cleansing, raising vibrations.


Helps cleanse lower energies and enhances our connection to our intuition.

Green Calcite:

Helps calm the mind, absorbs negativity.


Grounding energy, promotes vitality and confidence.


Protective, cleansing, stimulates the crown chakra and enhances our intuition.


Protective (especially for psychic work), enhances intuition, promotes harmonious energy in group settings.


Grounding, protective, promotes self-esteem, focus, and determination.


Calming, promotes peaceful energy, helps with accessing spiritual realms and general communication.


Excellent for intuition and all spiritual work as its protective and promotes a connection to higher energies/spiritual realms.


Good for intuition, dreamwork, delving into the subconscious.


When in doubt, quartz it out. Good for amplifying energies.

Rose quartz:

Helps calm the heart, promotes peace and self-love.

Smoky quartz:

Good for grounding, protecting, raising vibrations.


Good for connecting with spiritual chakras, intuition, cleansing, good for becoming aware of what is in your subconscious.


Good for mental clarity, understanding your intuition, connecting to our third eye.

Tiger’s Eye:

Good for grounding, confidence, intuition, protection.

Remember, it is always a good idea to charge a new crystal with your intention. This can be as simple as holding the crystal, saying (out loud or in your mind) how you would like the crystal to help you, and then meditating on this for a few minutes while holding the crystals and infusing it with your intentions. This way the energies of the crystal are now focused on what you are intending to feel or create in your sacred space.

Tarot and Crystal Journey

This list is just a small taste of the world of crystals. When you start your collection and working with tarot, try to pick just a few energies that you’d like to focus on during your readings. If you need help with intuition, aim for those stones. If you feel like you need protection or confidence, then you know which crystals to go to. As always though, trust how the crystal makes you feel. If it doesn’t vibe, then there’s a different crystal out there that’s going to feel just right. I always aim for protection/grounding, cleansing, and connection to higher realms. With just a few crystals, you can create a great mood and keep your tarot cards high vibin’ and feeling fine.

Experiment, have fun, and trust yourself. Your magic is in you! The crystals are here to help you make the most of this (and let’s get real, crystal shopping is too much fun). Pick the crystals that feel good, sling those cards, and make some magic.

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