Tarot and exploring your Soul Purpose
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How Tarot Can Help You Live Your Soul Purpose

As a tarot reader, I’ve heard about all kinds of hopes, dreams, fears, and challenges. One way in which I have seen tarot help people transform their lives is by helping them admit what it is that they wish to do and experience in life. I’ve seen people realize they have known their purpose all along, and just needed help to push past fears to claim it.

Using Tarot To Explore Your Soul Purpose

Tarot and exploring your Soul Purpose

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What Is My Soul Purpose?

In her book Discover Your Dharma, Sahara Rose describes dharma (which can translate to your purpose) as “…your divine purpose on this planet, your soul’s essence, the unique vibration only you can carry out in the world.

For me, aligning with our purpose feels like the puzzle pieces of ourselves coming together. It’s not just our what, but our why and how. It’s fulfilment, satisfaction, and the peace that comes with knowing we have meaning in our lives that we share with others.

We are at a unique time in history. With the Great Resignation, more and more people are realizing that it’s not just the quest for money and security that fulfils us. It’s change, creation, sharing our gifts, being respected, being able to be ourselves, creating new ways of viewing and being in the world.

More people are really waking up to the realization that we didn’t come here to work one job, retire briefly, and then die. There is more to life. There is more to us. And that’s where our purpose can help us align with that more.

The Puzzle of Soul Purpose

How To Discover Your Soul Purpose with Tarot

Tarot is not only used for divination, but also being embraced as a tool for self-discovery. And to realize what your purpose is, self-discovery is required. While no one can tell you what your purpose is, as a part of your journey is meant to discover this and live it, tarot can help you gain clarity on what you want, your gifts, and your challenges.

What Do You Want?

Isn’t that just the million-dollar question? We can sometimes get so fixated on something that we block out opportunities and paths that could bring us what we want in a different way than we imagined. Alternatively, we can also have no clue what we really want!

I have also noticed, through tarot, reiki, and coaching, that many people know what they want but they don’t believe it’s possible. So, without admitting what they truly want, they go through life wanting what they think they should want or what is safe to want. Basically, a lot of settling is happening.

And these wants aren’t million-dollar homes or ever-lasting life. The wants that people are denying themselves are usually their soul’s desires:

  • A happy, loving relationship.
  • A job they like where they make a decent living.
  • Time to spend being creative.
  • Opportunities to share their gift with others.
  • Travel.

It is very hard to achieve what we want in life if we do not admit what we want.

Discovering My Soul Purpose

How Tarot Readings Can Help Discover Your Soul Purpose

Tarot can help remind you of the essence of what you really want. The essence is how you think you will feel if you have said want. For example, if you want a job that you enjoy and also pays well, the essence of what you want is likely something like fulfilment, creativity, freedom, and ease.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. Clear your mind and your energy, and ask your cards what your top three soul’s desires are currently. Write down the essence of the cards and see how this makes you feel.

You can also ask the tarot to show you your ego’s desires. Ego desires are usually about being accepted by others, being safe, and can come from a place of fear. Your soul’s desires are your soul’s way of showing you where you are meant to go and experience at this time.

Compare your soul’s desire cards and your ego desire cards. Similarities? Differences? Journal or record yourself talking about how this makes you feel.

How Tarot Can Help You See Your Blocks

The subconscious is what is going on below the surface, the programming that is influencing you that you are not aware of. It’s hard to heal beliefs that block our purpose if we are not aware of them. Tarot can help you gain clarity here.

Again, this can be simple. Think of your purpose and your soul’s desires. Ask the cards which subconscious beliefs aren’t in alignment with your purpose. Decide how many cards you’re pulling ahead of time. Think “which three cards represent my subconscious beliefs that aren’t in alignment with my purpose?” Journal about these or voice-memo your feelings about this.

Why Tarot and Soul Purpose?

An important component of your soul purpose is that you connect with your soul, your higher self, and you decide what is fulfilling and meaningful for you. Instead of asking to be told by a higher power, you are the higher power. This is shift from how most of us have been raised. We are used to being told what to do and who to be by our parents, teachers, religion, society, bosses, etc.

When you embrace tarot as the language of your soul, and not an outer authority, you help awaken and recognize your inner wisdom. However, remember that anything can be taken too far. If you use tarot as a guide and not as another outer source of authority, it will be empowering.

How to tell the difference? Don’t read about this every day and remember to tap into your inner wisdom without any divination tools more regularly. Bust out the cards when you really need clarity and guidance.

Beyond Tarot Readings

The imagery in tarot can awaken our soul’s memory of timeless archetypes. If there is a card that really speaks to you about your purpose, you can use the image in a few ways. Take a picture of this card and make it your phone’s background. Place the card on your alter or somewhere special you will see regularly. Meditate on the imagery of the card.

These are ways to help you remember what you are aligning with. Our journeys are not only about learning, but also unlearning. Having this image around can be a reminder to help you embody this energy and make choices in alignment with it.

The Eco-System of Purposes

I view our soul’s purpose as a network of desires that are meant to help us all work together. I call this the Eco-System of Purposes. Just as nature has different plants and animals that play different yet essential roles in their environment, we all have roles to play that feel right for us and help us create a sustainable world.

Some people will feel called to be doctors, mothers, writers, builders, artists, spiritual healers, wood workers, chefs, farmers, etc. I believe that our soul’s desires help us to fulfil a role that feels right within ourselves that has a positive impact on the world around us.

And those roles can and will evolve over your life span. It’s normal that what inspired you in your 20s may have lost its lustre in your 30s. You’ve grown. You’ve evolved. It’s normal that your beliefs and desires will have done the same.

The Role of Tarot in Discovery

Tarot is an amazing tool to help you understand where you’ve been, who you are now, and where you would like to go. It can help awaken those soul’s desires that have been long pushed down underneath your “shoulds” and your fears.

Tarot can help you remember your skills and how to nurture them. It can help you recognize your subconscious blocks.

Remember that it’s a tool. You must make changes, take risks, and do the work yourself.

This is your purpose, not tarot’s.

I wish you all clarity and confidence as you embark on this most meaningful of journeys. May you all remember your magic and share it with the world in your, special way. And remember, tarot is there to help you out, but it is your own inner wisdom and magic that will light the way. So shine bright and shine true. The world needs your own special brand of magic.

Living your Soul Purpose with Tarot

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