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Manifesting Your Highest Self with Tarot

Spiritual concepts such as “manifestation,” “the higher self,” and “the law of attraction” are all buzzwords that have snuggled their way into our collective consciousness. Recently there has been a large surge of interest in the idea of the modern mystic. Books, tarot decks, oracle cards, crystals, workshops, and manifestation journals are popping up everywhere. But what does it mean to be Manifesting your Highest Self and how can tarot cards make that happen? What is this magic and how can it make me happier?

How to Use Tarot to Manifest Your Highest Self

Manifest Your Higher Self with Tarot

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Manifesting. Higher Self. Law of Attraction. If you check in to that area of your mind where these terms have snuggled, what do you think of? While these terms get tossed around a lot, there isn’t always a great deal of explaining what these terms mean and how to embrace them.

As we move away from the idea that our only goals in life are to find consistent work, save money, have a family, and retire, we find ourselves seeking meaning for our lives. Wondering what our purpose could be, and what that even means. Enter the desire to understand and then manifest your higher self.

The rapid rise in the acceptance and popularity of spiritual wellness includes tarot, as it is now being perceived as a tool to aid in self-realization.

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Before we answer the question of how to use tarot to manifest our highest self, let’s clarify and understand the question itself.

What is the Highest Self?

When the phrase “my highest self” come into your mind, what do you think of? Let me guess: love, career/finances, and health.

As a tarot reader, these are the most asked about subjects in readings. Most people would imagine themselves in a happy relationship, enjoying their work and having financial stability, and looking physically attractive while also feeling healthy. These are all completely natural desires and can in fact be found on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

When we dig a bit deeper and look at these goals as feelings or concepts, what are we really seeking? We are seeking security, love, acceptance, and fulfillment. What you need to do in your life to achieve this will look different for different people. As a good friend of mine once said, “there are as many possibilities as there are people.”

We could argue that manifesting your Highest Self means finding this sense of security and peace in a way that is in alignment with what fulfills you, not just what you are expected to do.

Many people feel unfulfilled because they have followed the path laid out by society. They struggle because it doesn’t feel right for them.

When we finally lift our gaze to “find” the path that is right for us, it can be a struggle. We live in a prescriptive society. We are used to being told what to do, what kind of work is valued, what clothing is acceptable to wear, which ideas we should align with, what kind of relationships we should seek. There is pressure to align with societal ideals from all directions.

In order to manifest your Highest Self, you must realize that you are not “finding” a path. You are forging the path, listening to your own counsel and aiming for the destination of security, peace, and fulfillment.

How Do I Know What My Highest Self Looks Like? Enter Tarot.

One of the biggest challenges I see facing people is the struggle with defining what they want and who they want to be. Again, this comes back to living in a society that that does not encourage self-exploration or independent thinking. We are taught to learn and to follow, but not always to forge.

Incorporating tarot cards into your practice is a powerful way to gain clarity for yourself on these subjects. For example, you could first start off by asking the tarot cards, “Which card best represents my Highest Self?” This can give you a starting point to understand what your soul is seeking.

You could also ask, “what would a happy and healthy relationship look like for me?” or “what kind of career would I find fulfilling?” If you find yourself feeling that you want “more” or something “better,” tarot can help you clarify what exactly this would look like for you.

A Tarot Spread For Manifesting Your Highest Self

To help you on your manifestation journey here is a tarot spread to explore your higher self. When doing these spreads for personal growth try:

  • Journaling your reading so you can revisit it.
  • Meditating on the cards to really tune into the messages the cards are sending.
  • Leaving the spread out for a day or two so you can come back to it a few times with fresh eyes and mind.

Accountability and Personal Power

Another important question to ask is, “What is my biggest personal block to manifesting my Highest Self?” We asked for guidance on this with card number 4 in the spread.

This type of accountability is important in spiritual work. The energy of blaming others is a sure way to give away your personal power. It gives your power to all the people who you think stop you from being your best.

Having said that, there are people who hurt us, who wish to bring us down, or who do not want what’s best for us. You are never being asked to ignore your hurt or to pretend like it didn’t happen. You are being asked to claim your power by also being accountable and taking responsibility.

It is essential that these emotions and experiences are validated and processed, or else we enter the terrain of spiritual bypassing and the damage that this can cause.

What we mean when we say “accountability,” is that you recognize that you cannot make anyone do or feel anything, and that your point of power is within yourself.

When you recognize that certain habits or beliefs that you hold are not helpful in manifesting your Higher Self, you are closer to freeing yourself from them. It is not your fault that you have been hurt or been treated unkindly.

But no one is perfect, and loving yourself enough to admit, “yes, okay, my habit to self-sabotage is cramping my style” is a moment of power.

You can move into a place of power by asking your cards, “How can I shift this behaviour into one that is more beneficial for my personal growth?” This provides both clarity and guidance for your manifesting adventure.

What is Manifestation?

Understanding what someone means when they say “manifesting” is an important place to start.

Let us define manifestation as the conscious creation of ideas or desires into reality through a combination of thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Tarot is extremely helpful in this area. It can help us define what we want (ie. what kind of relationship you would like, as opposed to just “love”) and then what steps we should take to achieve this.

What’s also so wonderful about tarot is that it incorporates the mind, body, spirit, and emotions of our experiences. This means that by reading tarot to understand how to manifest your highest self, you are being given the entire picture of your experience. The cards are a mirror for your soul. They will reflect where you could use some healing, your strengths and abilities, and how to best incorporate this into your life that is truly in your highest good. Our thoughts and feelings are important in manifestation, as they are a part of the Law of Attraction, which is a major player in this creation of our highest selves.

What is the Law of Attraction?

In their book The Law of Attraction, Esther and Jerry Hicks describe this law as “That which is like unto itself, is drawn.”  

Essentially, like energy attracts like energy.

Now, before moving forward, this does NOT mean that when “bad” things happen to you, you are bad. In order to wrap our minds around this, we have to move away from the concepts of “good” and “bad.” Energy doesn’t align with human based concepts such as these. What is good to one human may be bad to another. Basically, this rule states that you attract what energy you put out into the energetic web that connects us all.

I do want to encourage caution with this idea, because again, this can fall into blaming and spiritual bypassing quite quickly. Things are so much more complicated than this. Societal structures of inequality, past-life karma, ancestral trauma, and an entire host of other reasons may be at the root of your struggles.

What it does encourage you to do is to be mindful of your thoughts, words, and actions. These are the source of our power.

Have you ever heard of a self-fulfilling prophecy? This is an excellent example of the Law of Attraction at work.

This does not mean that every bad thought you have will manifest. The Law of Attraction happens through strong feelings and repetition, hence the example of the self-fulfilling prophecy.

To start with, learn to be mindful of the stories you tell about yourself. Pay attention to how you talk to yourself, that inner saboteur can be nasty! Be consciously aware of the energy you embody on a daily basis. These are a fantastic way to start manifesting your highest self.

Manifest your highest self with tarot

Putting it All Together

Now that you have an idea of how to define your Highest Self, an awareness of your personal power, and an idea of what manifestation is, how do we put this all together to start making the magic happen? The best place to start is at the beginning.

Defining your version of your Higher Self is the start. This can be done with manifestation journals that can come with helpful prompts to get the ball rolling. Even just making a list of what you wish to experience in a journal is helpful.

Reading tarot is one manifesting technique. Using tarot spreads we can clarify what we want, what blocks we must work through, what strengths we should lean into, and what steps to take.

Another great way to use tarot to manifest is through visualisation. Let’s say you wish to manifest a happy relationship. You could use the Lovers card and place it somewhere in your home where you will see it often. In this way you invite this energy into your life.

You could incorporate manifestation crystals into this, as well. Placing rose quartz beside your Lovers card could add to the energy of love. Or holding onto citrine when you need a boost of self-esteem.

If you want to create something in your life but you’re not sure it’s in your highest good, asking the tarot will provide helpful guidance.

Sometimes we doubt our desires because of feelings of unworthiness, but other times it is our intuition nudging us to take a different path. It can be hard to discern the difference between anxiety and intuition sometimes. During these moments we can turn to tarot to help us find our truth.

Moon Manifestation

Lunar phases is another area that is gaining more attention in mainstream media. More and more people are acknowledging the impact that the moon has on our planet and therefore on ourselves.

I remember an ashtanga yoga instructor telling me that we are so affected by the moon because the moon influences bodies of water, and our bodies are largely made of water.

Incorporating the lunar phases into your manifestation can help by tapping into the energies of the environment and working with them to strengthen your goal.

There is some question whether the full moon is a good time to work with manifestation or not. I feel that this is really an individual decision. As the moon influences each of us differently. Many people see the full moon as an opportunity to release that which no longer serves them. Others feel it as a potent source of power.

A part of acknowledging and manifesting your Higher Self is forging your own path and listening to your inner wisdom. Read what trusted sources say on the topic, and then experiment with what feels right for you. This is actually the best advice I could give you as your forge your own path in general. Learn the wisdom of others, trust your inner compass to show you what is in alignment with you, and then try it for yourself.

Tarot Cards or Oracle Cards for Manifesting?

When it comes to the difference between tarot and oracle cards, it’s the reader’s choice (to learn about the difference, see my article on What is Tarot). Certain people enjoy the structure of tarot, others prefer the freer style of oracle cards.

There are great oracle decks that have helpful affirmations on them. Affirmations are often used to speak a feeling or desire into existence.

You may also find the art on certain decks, weather they are tarot or oracle, resonates deeply with you.

When it comes to Tarot or Oracle Cards for manifesting, use whichever helps you best visualize your highest self.

Does Manifesting Really Work?

I know what some of you may be thinking: “this is awesome, sign me up!” or “if it was that easy, everyone would do it.” Manifesting our Highest Self is the process of creating the experience of our lives in a meaningful, conscious way that brings us a sense of purpose.

Conscious creating involves self-refection, questioning our beliefs, and the process of learning to stand in our personal power. To do this does not mean we escape the work. It means that the work of our lives becomes meaningful.

As one of my wise friends says, “the work is good.”

There is no magic formula or phrase that will help you bring about your every desire. Life is a series of ups and downs, no matter what. Having said that, manifesting our Highest Self helps us to begin into question what that even looks like, which is already a step in the direction of creation.

Everything starts as in idea. In order to bring it into the world, it is up to us to do the heavy lifting. Through using tools such as tarot, manifestation journals, manifestation crystals, and visualizing your higher self, you start to figure out what you actually want, who you really are, and how to manifest into the world. It is allowing yourself to admit what you want and to create it.

And if giving yourself permission to be your best and to do things that you love isn’t a type of magic, I don’t know what is.

Happy manifesting!

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Manifesting your Higher Self with Tarot

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