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Mirror Frame DIY Project

After the success of my magical moon mirror project, I wanted to create a new mirror project. This time I wanted to create something with a nautical, rustic feel. And I am super excited about how it turned out.

Sacred Space DIY Mirror Project

DIY Mirror Frame

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I LOVE the moon mirror project we did. There is something about having unique and special mirrors around the home that helps a space feel truly magical. They can help increase the light in a space, make a space feel larger, they can be used for positive self affirmations, and mirrors can completely change the energy of a sacred space.

And when a mirror is made with great intention, love and caring, it makes the space it holds even more sacred and special.

For this DIY project I wanted something clean, rustic and with a nautical feel.

I am about to embark on a bit of an adventure and go on a tall ship for the first time in my life. This trip was my father’s deathbed wish for the family, so it is a very special, and emotional time.

It also means that I have all things nautical on my mind right now.

My hope is that this mirror will be something special I can use for reflection and meditation. It is a very clean and simple design that can be easily embellished and made your own if you desire.

That is the true power behind these DIY projects. Instead of copying, use your creativity to make these projects unique and special. Imbue them with your own energy so they become powerful features in your own personal sacred space.

DIY Mirror Frame Supplies

Round wood (20 inches)
Round mirror (13 inches)
Rope (20 feet)
Glue gun + glue sticks
Twine (I used raffia, but any material will do!)
Jute ribbon (30 inches)

NOTE: You can change the size of the mirror and wood to suit your space and needs. Simply adjust the amount of rope and jute ribbon accordingly.


Locate the center of the wood and paste the mirror in the center using your glue gun. Depending on how secure you want the mirror, you may also want to add small brackets to hold the mirror. These can be purchased at a hardware store. This is not completely necessary though, as our rope frame will also add some security.

To create the rope coil frame, start coiling the rope around the mirror, taping it down to the surface as you go to keep it in place.

Mirror Frame Step by Step

Mark the meeting point of the rope ends, cut, and glue them together.

Mirror Frame Step by Step

Coil the next piece of rope, running your glue gun between the two coils. (Note: Don’t glue it down to the wood, only between the ropes).

Mark the meeting point of the rope ends, cut, and glue them together.

Mirror Frame Step by Step

Repeat steps 3, 4, and 5 until the rope coils meet the mirror.

Mirror Frame Step by Step
Mirror Frame Step by Step

Once the glue dries, slide the coils off the wood and remove any tape.

Mirror Frame Step by Step

Cut 15 inches of leftover rope, coil it down, and use hot glue to the rest of the frame. Make sure it’s in the same area where the coils meet.

Mirror Frame Step by Step

Wrap the frame to the hanger using twine (I used raffia, but any material will do!). It doesn’t have to be perfect as we’ll cover that up on the next step – it’s just to add extra security to make the hanger sturdy.

Mirror Frame Step by Step

Wrap 10 inches of jute ribbon around the frame (one just over the hanger, and two at the bottom).

Mirror Frame Step by Step

Flip the frame and use your glue gun to attach the whole thing to the mirror.

Mirror Frame Sacred Space DIY Project

Finishing Magical Touches

The Mirror Frame is now complete, or you can add some of your own embellishments. Blue crystals such as Amazonite, Aquamarine, Calcite can aid in connection with water elements to add to that nautical feel. Or simply add some quartz, which can be used to amplify your intentions and the energies of yourself and your sacred space.

You may also want to add little features such as anchors, keys, and more. Set your intentions, then bring in elements that reinforce the energies you want to promote in your sacred space.

Once finished, place your mirror in your space.

Sacred Space DIY Mirror Frame Project

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