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Pulp Girls Tarot Deck Review

Pull out your lava lamp, put on your tie dye, and part the beaded curtain. The Pulp Girls tarot invites you to read tarot in a time of groovy prints and disco melodies! This modern, fun deck embraces diversity and inclusion, and will have you jiving with tarot!

Pulp Girls Tarot Deck Review

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When I was sent a copy of this tarot deck to review, I was thrilled. The Pulp Girls are known for their instagram page with colourful, cute, quirky, retro memes about astrology, magic, tarot, and other spiritual topics, plus female empowerment and inclusion. The page is fun and sexy, and the Pulp Girls Tarot Deck does not disappoint.

Pulp Girls Tarot is now available!

Pulp Girls Tarot Deck Review

The Tarot Format

The Pulp Girls Tarot Deck is based on the artwork by Pamela Colman Smith featured in the Rider Waite Smith tarot. Many books and resources available today are based on the structure of the RWS deck, making the Pulp Girls Deck excellent for both beginners and experienced readers.

The cards are standard size at 2.75 inches x 4.75 inches. Cardstock is flexible without being flimsy, solid without being stiff. Great for shuffling and easy to handle.

The deck comes in a solid box that opens up with a ribbon inside, keeping your cards safe while making it easy to pull the deck out when it’s time for your tarot reading.

Pulp Girls Tarot Box

The booklet that comes with the deck gives a description of a few different tarot spreads as well as how to do a tarot reading. Again, great for beginners to learn, and great for experienced readers to continue learning.

Each card has a brief description in the book so you don’t need to purchase other resources if you’re just getting started on your learning adventure. The upright and reversed meaning is included, as well as an affirmation and a reflection question. 

With the solid box, the accessible and creative guidebook, and the out-of-sight artwork, this deck is not only a feast for the eyes, it’s practical to learn from, too.

Favourite Tarot Cards from Pulp Girls

The fashion in this deck wants me to don my go-go boots and bust out my paisley mini-dress. Not only that, many of the outfits help bring out the meaning of the card. I love that they have incorporated fashion with tarot! While I can’t pick a favourite, here are some cards that that really popped out to me from Pulp Girls Tarot.

The Hierophant

Pulp Girls Tarot Hierophant Card

This card feels a bit sticky for a lot of folks. The traditional imagery features the pope, which doesn’t sit right for people with challenging religious experiences. In this deck, there’s a fabulous witch, complete with pointed hat, flashing you the peace sign. The authority is present, and the magic and teachings that can be overshadowed by the pope figure come through nicely.

Page of Swords

Pulp Girls Tarot Deck Page of Swords

The Pages have WINGS, which is brilliant, as they’re the messengers of the tarot. Besides looking magical, it lends to the energy of the card, making them easier to read intuitively. The Page of Swords has a mini dress, go-go boots, and fish-net thigh highs. It’s a fun, flirty, edgy outfit that pairs well with the meaning of the card.


Pulp Girls Tarot Temperance Card

The dress on this figure is so flowy, free, and fab, it works perfectly with the meaning of Temperance. The butterflies on the dress bring our mind to the energy of transformation, lightness,and rebirth. This is perfect for Temperance, as it’s the card that follows Death in the Fool’s Journey.

Three of Wands

Pulp Girls Tarot 3 of Wands Card

OBSESSED with this pink and orange bell-bottom onesie. An exciting, daring, fun outfit for a bold and adventurous card. A feast for the eyes AND a helpful indicator of the meaning of the card.

Pulp Girls Tarot – A Fun and Sexy Deck

The Pulp Girls tarot is sexy and fun. A great deck for beginners and experienced readers with funky outfits to inspire and helpful messages to ponder. Janeane Garofalo from Now & Then would totally dig it, and so do I.

Pulp Girls Tarot is now available!

Pulp Girls Tarot Deck Review

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