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Secrets of the Witch

Have you ever wondered about the lives of witches? Are you fascinated by the history of witchcraft? Do you want to learn about magic throughout history, from ancient Greece to Hollywood? Want to learn a bit about the tools, rituals and life of witches? This stunningly illustrated book is an incredible introduction into the world of witches.

Secrets of the Witch – An Initiation into our History and our Wisdom

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Secrets of the Witch Review

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When I first saw this book from Quarto Knows I knew I had to check it out. Quarto is a publishing company I am familiar with as they have produced some incredible books that hold places of honour on our shelves. Books such as This Book Is Anti-Racist, The Power Book, A Natural History of Fairies and so many more powerful books.

This book is written for tweens and teens who are interested in learning more about the history of witches, magic and witchcraft. But I found it still a fascinating read and enjoyed the artwork immensely.

Part history, part grimoire, this gorgeous book provides a fascinating insight into the lives and practices of witches throughout time and from all over the world.

When I first opened the book, the thing that stood out above everything else was the incredible illustrations. This book is simply beautiful.

Secrets of the Witch inside look

Once I started reading, I realized this is the kind of book I would have LOVED as a young teen. There is something incredibly captivating about the presentation that draws one in, and I can imagine my younger self pouring over the pages with complete fascination.

What’s Covered

The books begins by providing a historical look at witches from ancient times to Harry Potter. It is very high level but does touch on many points in history and around the world. It also does have a strong feminist slant.

From the history it moves into introducing some famous witches from throughout history, sharing bits of their stories.

These two sections make up the bulk of the book.

The next part acts as an introduction to the practice of witchcraft. Exploring tools and rituals, things like a Book of Shadows, candles, wands, herbs, crystals, tarot and more. These are just small little snippets but help introduce these concepts, so the reader can take the information and learn more if they wish.

Secrets of the Witches – An Initiation into our History and our Wisdom, gives a gorgeous overview of witchcraft, exploring its roots and evolution over the centuries, that is perfect for tweens and teens and adults who wish to enjoy the magic of this beautiful book. It is worth purchasing just for the stunning artwork.

Secrets of the Witch Book Review

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