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Astrology for the Cosmic Soul by The Pulp Girls

Astrology for the Cosmic Soul is a new book by our favourite witchy fashionistas of Instagram. The Pulp Girls have shared their astrology knowledge in a way that’s accessible, fun, educational, and totally groovy. We recently had a blast with their new Pulp Girls Tarot and today we are taking a look at their book: Astrology for the Cosmic Soul.

Astrology for the Cosmic Soul Review

Pulp Girls Astrology for the Cosmic Soul Review

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The book has great beginner knowledge if you’re just getting into astrology. If you’ve ever found yourself being like, “rising what? Moon who?” then this book will help you out without overwhelming you. 

As with their instagram page, the book is a feast for the eyes. Bell bottoms, berets, go-go boots, and their signature full-lips and full-lashes look. Informative and fashionable with an emphasis on fun.

Introducing Astrology for the Cosmic Soul

The Pulp Girls present information on beginner astrology. Your big three, the modalities, the planets, elements, and how to get your birth chart. It’s plenty to get started understanding astrology, your chart, and the charts of your friends.

Pulp Girls Astrology

They include the traditional and modern planetary rulers of the signs, which I love. These are the planets that ruled the signs when we only knew of seven planets in our solar system. Knowing both planets gives us a more complete, nuanced understanding of our astrological placements, so I thought it was great they included them.

The big three (sun, moon, and rising) are described so you know what they are. Then each sign is described in the sun, moon, and rising placement.

They also include the major arcana card which is associated with each astrological sign and give a brief explanation. Learning the astrology of the tarot is a powerful way to learn about the cards with more depth and nuance.

The first half or so of the book is educational (and adorable, fashionable, and fabulous). The second half has their cute and sexy images and hot-takes on the signs that we all love so much from their online content. It’s a fun mix of informative and creative, with lots of visuals to enjoy.

My Faves

Something that I really liked is their section that focuses on stereotypes vs reality. With so many of us getting a lot of info about the signs from memes and reels, it’s easy for confusion to occur. This section gives you an idea of what is true and what is just said. 

Some of their more playful takes on the zodiac (such as Never Tell A Sign…) are not only fun, they’re also helpful ways to remember the info you’re reading. These sections are entertaining ways to see the signs in action instead of only reading about their characteristics. 

The Signs as Classic Halloween costumes is cheeky and fun. Not only that, the info feels well thought-out and accurate, not just random or cute for the sake of being cute. It’s a creative way to read about our signs and to learn about ourselves.

How I Felt About My Placements

I can see how fabulous the imagery is, I see the far out fashion, and I see the accessibility of the information. Now let’s see how I feel about the Pulp Girls’ description of my placements!

Virgo Sun: I loved Virgo’s feature in the Classic Costumes section. A vampire who sips red wine out of a fancy chalice? I literally have fancy red chalices for red wine! Fun and accurate!

Virgo’s thought in the feature Late Night Thoughts section: “Is there a more efficient way to fit sleep into my schedule?” My goodness, I feel SEEN and shooketh! Well played, Pulp Girls!

Astrology Virgo

Aries Moon: Describing this placement as being the definition of a mover and a shaker was, for me, on point! And pointing out that if our fiery passion isn’t well managed it can burn itself out was a great reminder to tend to my flame with some patience and perseverance. 

Cancer Rising: They hit the nail on the head when they described this placement as being sensitive to the vibes of things! This cancer rising is energetically sensitive, as are most of those with this placement. They point out that our moods shift as the mood around us shifts, and that is something I have for sure felt before.

The Pulp Girls did a bang up job of describing my big three in ways that brought attention to the strengths of my placements and their challenging aspects, as well. It’s a great way to learn about ourselves that reminds us of our natural abilities, as well as our blind spots. 

Should Astrology for the Cosmic Soul be on your Magical Shelf?

This book is for you if you are into fun art, fabulous cartoon fashion, and creative ways of exploring astrology. The art is another way to remember the info you’re learning. This is much more fun than just trying to memorize all the signs!

If you’re a beginner, then this book is a solid resource to help you learn the basics. It provides you with fun, accessible content upon which you can build your foundation. Everything starts at the beginning, and this is a truly fun beginning to embrace!

If you’re experienced, then this is a playful book that will bring colour and fun into your astrology library. No matter how much we know, there is always more to learn. And what better way than with astrology cats, bell-bottoms, and flowers?

Wherever you are on your journey, art is fun, creativity is in, and the Pulp Girls know how to work both to teach you about astrology in their own radical way. Enjoy their far out threads and nifty vibes by adding this book to your magical library. 

Astrology for the Cosmic Soul Book Review
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