A guide to Tarot Spells and The Tarot Spellbook Review
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Tarot Spells – Making Magic with Tarot

There is something truly special about Tarot. It as resonated with people for generations and across cultures. We all know about tarot spreads, but have you ever tried spells or magical rituals with your Tarot? Tarot can be a powerful ritual tool and today we are exploring how to get started with Tarot Spells.

Discover the power of Tarot Spells for Manifestation and Magick

A guide to Tarot Spells and The Tarot Spellbook Review

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When it comes to tapping into our inner wisdom, one of the most powerful tools is tarot. Over the years of my study of tarot, it has become a passion of mine.

What is Tarot?

You can learn more about Tarot is our resource: What is Tarot? but here is a quick summary. 

Tarot is a form of cartomancy, which is divination using cards.

The most popular type of tarot is called the Rider, Waite, Smith or RWS Tarot.

Tarot is a deck of 78 cards usually with elaborate and profoundly emotional imagery. The deck has two arcana: 22 major arcana cards which are named cards and follow the major themes of one’s life journey. Plus, 56 minor arcana cards which are numbered cards ace through ten, with court cards in 4 suits, usually called swords, wands, pentacles and cups.

Tarot is often used for fortune telling, spiritual guidance, manifesting your higher self, or to gain clarity on the questioner’s life issues.

Learning to read tarot and tap into the lessons taught by the cards is a lifelong journey, but it is also something anyone can explore. Often, we start by learning the meaning of cards and simple tarot card spreads. But today we want to explore a new way to work with tarot and tap into the energy and power of tarot through tarot spells.

How to do Spells with Tarot Cards

Each tarot card has its own energy, messages and meanings. This makes them a powerful ritual tool.

Looking for love? Work with the Lovers or Two of Cups.

Are you seeking your purpose? Work with the Star card.

Want to manifest your desires? The Magician card is the one calling to you.

The list goes on as each card in the deck speaks to different issues. Simply find the card that resonates with your desires to start tapping into that soul searching, inner wisdom.

A Simple Tarot Spell

You can create a simple tarot spell by:

  • Cleanse your area, yourself and your mind.
  • Pull the tarot card you wish to work with in this spell.
  • Focus on one word that encapsulates your desire or focus, this could be the name or energy of the tarot card, for example: 9 of Pentacles could be Abundance or Success.
  • Choose a candle for your spell. You may want to pick a specific colour of candle that aligns with your spellwork.
  • Using a candle scribe or pin, scribe carve the word or name of the tarot card into your candle. For minor arcana you can simply use ‘9ofP’ for 9 of Pentacles.
  • Optional – Anoint the candle with herbs and oils that resonate with the purpose of your spell.
  • Set your tarot card in front of the candle. Focus on the imagery, then as you recite the word, light your candle.
  • Meditate on card. You can look at it, hold it, whatever works for you.
  • Focus on the energies, emotions and thoughts that come to mind. Let the messages come to you.
  • You may wish to ask a question of tarot to help make sense of the messages.
  • When your meditation is done, take a cleansing breath, give thanks, and snuff the candle.
  • You can leave this set up and return until the candle is finished or your desires have been achieved.

The Tarot Spellbook

Learning how to incorporate tarot into your spell work and rituals may feel a little overwhelming at first, but I have a powerful resource to help you get started.

The Tarot Spellbook by Sam Magdaleno is a fantastic book that explores each individual tarot card and how you can use it in ritual work and spellwork.

Tarot Spellbook

This gorgeous book begins with a brief overview of spell work, including:

  • how to set up your space
  • cleansing
  • casting circles
  • magical timings including moon phases, days of the week, and time of day so you can find the perfect time for your spellwork
  • sigil magick
  • plus intentions and mindset

From there it provides two pages on every tarot card in both the major arcana and minor arcana.

Strength Tarot Spell Book Page
4 of Wands Tarot Card Spell Page

These pages are GOLD!

They include gorgeous imagery, a brief summary of the card including keywords, then a detailed tarot spell to do with the card. This is followed by some journalling prompts.

Thoughts on Tarot Spellbook

The bulk of the pages are dedicated to the spell which I felt was fabulous. However, some may feel they need to supplement this book with additional resources that provide more information on the meaning of the cards, crystals, magical timings, sigils, etc. that are being used in the spells.

I feel like this book is like ‘grandmas recipe book’. It doesn’t go into details on the techniques, the assumption is that you already know the basics and techniques. Grandma simply provides the ingredients and some basic directions. But those recipes, if you can learn the techniques, provide incredible results!

If you feel you need more details to make the most of your tarot spells, definitely pair this book with other resources to make the most of it. You will not regret it!

What I love about The Tarot Spellbook is that most of the spells go beyond basic spell work and simple spells. They are carefully researched, and are more in depth than many resources. On top of that the artistry is stunning and it is extremely well written!

One thing many of the spells require is the consumption of the tarot card. If you are anything like me, you likely have multiple tarot decks, so you may have one that you are willing to sacrifice to these spells. If you don’t, and don’t wish to purchase a deck for spell work, you could draw your own or photocopy your cards.

This book is a fabulous guide for doing tarot spells for everyone from those new to tarot, to seasoned pagans, mediums and mystics who have been using tarot for years.

Why Do Tarot Spells?

So why even bother with doing tarot spells?

Tarot spells are a powerful way to work magick. Using tarot in your ritual work, you can tap into the incredible manifesting energies and knowledge of tarot.

This is also a wonderful way to learn more about Tarot. With each spell you are connecting with that card in new and profound ways. You will find yourself discovering new messages and meanings, and manifesting a greater connection with your own inner wisdom and soul through your extensive work with each card.

I highly recommend using tarot in your rituals and the Tarot Spellbook makes a wonderful guide along the path of manifestation and enlightenment. Definitely add this one to your list!

A guide to Tarot Spells

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