Goddess Magic by Aurora Kane Book Review
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Connecting with Goddess Wisdom & Magic

As we move along our path, whether we are seeking healing, growth, strength, wisdom or something else, there are times when we need guidance. There are many places we can seek that guidance, but one source is to connect with a goddess.

Goddess Magic by Aurora Kane Book Review

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When it comes to connecting with a goddess, it can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially for beginners. But by putting in the time to research, meditate, connect, listen and learn, you will find yourself growing in ways that will astound and thrill you.

I was reminded of this recently as I stumbled along my path.

My Goddess Connection

Recently, I was struggling and found the knowledge and solace I needed by turning to a book that connected me with many goddesses. Both old connections and those that were new to me. Through that connection I found the wisdom and strength I needed to get through a very difficult time.

Let me explain.

For most of my life, I felt like my feminine power, my inner goddess, held that power in my uterus. I believe this bias came from the proliferation of art associated with goddesses that feature the uterus or talk about fertility being a core essence of goddesses and the divine feminine.

I had taken in those messages and they formed part of the fabric for my practice and beliefs.

So when I was facing a major surgery, that included removing my uterus, I was struggling. I was about to lose my connection to my feminine power. With the energy source that had been part of my being my whole life. I felt like I was losing what made me a piece of the greater path forged by the goddesses.

I was about to be broken and worried I would lose what had been such a significant part of my identity and journey my entire life.

Goddess Magic by Aurora Kane

It was during this time I was sent the book, Goddess Magic – A Handbook of Spells, Charms and Rituals Divine in Origin by Aurora Kane.

I curled up and started reading.

Goddess Magic by Aurora Kane

This book offers a wonderful introduction to the world of goddesses and how a practitioner can work with a goddess to help unravel their path and discover their inner power.

It then goes on to introduce the reader to an incredible array of goddesses from all over this world. However, this is where I stumbled again.

In the beginning it talked a lot about fertility and goddesses of family and pregnancy. I started working through a LOT of emotions. Mostly anger, frustration, sadness. Was that really all the goddess was about? A uterus?

My Brokenness

I almost put the book down and walked away. The pain was just too much.

Why was my body so incredibly broken? If my uterus is the seed of my power and energy, how could it fail me so severely? Without my uterus, was I worthy of working with these goddesses and walking this path?

But with all the big emotions, I also felt like I was being guided. So I kept reading.

Discovering True Divine Feminine Power

As I kept reading, I discovered more goddesses. Goddesses of knowledge, of war, of poetry, of strength. I met new goddesses as well as reacquainted myself with old friends.

Through the pages of this book I learned about: Kamala, Marie Laveau, Saint Lucia, Yemaya, Venus, Eros, Lady Xian, plus reconnected with Hecate, Bastet, Kali, Cerridwen, Rhiannon and Brigid. And that only lists a few of the many goddesses explored in this tomb.

At the end of the book there is a large variety of spells and rituals to help you along on your journey.

I went from feeling closed off by all the big emotions that threatened to drown me, to freeing myself from the shackles of my own misguided beliefs and bias.

My divine power has nothing to do with whether or not I have a specific body part. It comes from my heart and my mind. My power comes from gaining wisdom and putting in the time and hard work to connect with my guides, listening. Then doing the hard work to improve myself and walk my path. No matter how rocky it becomes at times.

I feel that this book embodies the energies of the High Priestess Tarot Card.

At that moment everything changed as I faced my surgery.

Moving Forward with Conviction and Strength

Goddess Magic Book inside look

I went into my surgery feeling surrounded by love of the divine and ready to move forward into my greater good. I felt strong. My path was clear.

I wasn’t about to become broken. I was broken and now I was finally moving forward on a path of healing and growth. A new life where I could embrace my strength and power, without being hindered by certain body parts that were harming my whole body. My divine feminine power comes from love and all you need for that is a heart.

Sometimes a book comes into your life for a reason. The clarity I have from having Goddesses come to me at exactly the right time is incredible.

I am so thankful for Goddess Magic. It is gentle and loving and beautiful. It provides a roadmap to a wide variety of goddesses, empowering readers to learn and discover the guides that can help them along their path.

If you are seeking guidance but unsure about your next steps, I highly recommend checking out Goddess Magic. It is a valuable resource as we move along our path, connecting with the incredible power, knowledge and wisdom of the goddesses.

Embrace your inner goddess!

Goddess Magic Book Review

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