Manifestation Journal

Manifestation Journal

Journaling may not be something new to most of the world, but have you ever heard of a Manifestation Journal? This is a powerful new way to embrace the Law of Attraction and use journaling to tune into your authentic self and bring out the best version of you!

Manifesting Your Highest Self with a Manifestation Journal

Manifestation Journal

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Traditionally journals are used to record events, share struggles and anxiety, explore emotions and preserve disappointments and successes. It’s a daily record of things in the past, with a smattering of dreams for the future. Wishes and hopes.

But the way we use our journals and our writing tends to focus on the negative, the past, the lack of control or ownership we have over our lives and events.

We all know writing has power. Writing has been shown to be a more effective way to foster neural connections and learning than typing or any other form of recording information.

So what if we embraced that power and used it to better ourselves and our lives? To make our dreams and hopes a reality by taking concrete action towards making it happen.

That’s where manifestation journals come in.

Manifestation Journal

Manifestation journaling is entirely different from those journals you kept as a kid because it teaches you to focus on the positive in your life to help empower your soul and wellbeing. Making you an active participant in creating the life you desire.

Does this sound like a gratitude journal? Well it’s a bit of that but not quite….

Gratitude Journals

I am sure you have heard about gratitude. For a few years now there has been a push to focus on daily gratitude statements. Some promote the use of Gratitude Journals to record things you are grateful for every day.

This forces us to focus on the positive which can alter your mindset and change the way you think and approach your day.

Gratitude journaling is one small step towards the greater good that we are creating with a Manifestation Journal.

So if you have already started with Gratitude Journals you are on your way to manifesting your higher self already!

Benefits of Manifestation Journaling

So why would a start a Manifestation journal? There are a number of reasons. Some of them tie directly into the concept of journaling as we have always done it, others focus on the power of gratitude, but the special spice of a Manifestation Journal adds an extra layer of power.

  • Connect your conscious thoughts with your subconscious beliefs so you can identify any patterns or limiting beliefs that may be affecting you.
  • Put situations into perspective, especially those that have been lingering in your thoughts. Putting them down in writing also helps reduce their intrusive nature. Helping you put them away into that metaphorical box.
  • Daily journaling can improve your memory, self discipline, creativity, self confidence, ability to focus on the moment, and self worth/self love.
  • Focus on gratitude. As mentioned above, gratitude journals are a part of manifestation journals.
  • Disrupt negative thought patterns and learn how to consciously remap those negative patterns into positive thought patterns.
  • To manifest your goals it helps to set them in ink, review them regularly, and visually see them on the paper. This makes them real and tangible and becomes a reminder of your “why” when things get hard.
  • Journaling can work as a form of meditation to help promote relaxation, plus builds your intuition and self awareness.
  • Manifestation Journaling will transform your mindset, help you become aligned with the greater cosmic energies of our universe, and raise your awareness to enable you to manifest the life you desire and deserve.
  • It becomes a record of the best parts of your life (and yes, the best parts might be hard, but they are part of the foundation of you!).
  • Manifestation Journals tap into your power to create the joy and happiness you deserve. By engaging in daily positive writing exercises and consciously focusing energy on positive thoughts, it sets the foundation to create the beautiful life of your dreams.

What To Include in a Manifestation Journal

In your manifestation journal you can include positive things like:

  • Daily blessings for yourself, your loved ones, your community, our planet.
  • Goals (more on that in a moment).
  • Inspirational ideas maybe you read somewhere or heard from someone, or came to you through intuition.
  • Positive comments, situations, and thoughts.
  • Gratitude statements
  • Your dreams, wishes and hopes
  • Rants…. yes! But within certain guidelines….

A Note About Rants

Rants – Yes you can use your manifestation journal to rant! But here is the key. Rant away, then go off and work off that energy. Cry, have a bath, a glass of wine, go for a walk, have tea with friends, whatever you need to work through the emotions. Once you are in a better mindset go back to your rant entry. It’s time for a post mortem! Read through it carefully but objectively. Look for patterns, find new ways to view the situation, examine it for unconscious bias or beliefs, uncover areas of yourself that you need to work on that contributed to the situation.

Then write a new entry. A Rant Revisited, where you share something you are grateful for from the situation (this can be something little, but find at least one positive). Share lessons you have learned and how you will move forward differently if a similar situation occurs. Make notes about any shadow work you need to focus on in light of the situation. Write out new goals you have for yourself stemming from rant.

By addressing rants in this way you turn them into learning and growth experiences which is positive and will help you manifest your higher self.

OK, so now we know what we can include in a Manifestation Journal, what should we use?

Manifestation Journal - Woman Writing in her journal to find her higher self and make goals reality

What To Use

There are a few journals specifically designed to be used as a Manifestation Journal, and some of them are frankly awesome! But you don’t need to use one of those if they don’t speak to you. My favourite budget friendly option is a hard cover, spiral bound (so it stays open flat easily), lined notebook.

Next, I find it incredibly important to use good pens. I am a writer, and pens are everything! When you find the right pens it makes writing truly magical. I like to have a few different colours of pens, it helps me embrace the theme and topic of my writings.

So for example when writing my daily gratitude statements I will use a purple pen. Goals are written in bright green. Rants are written in black, but my Rant Revisited post mortem is written in red.

Which colours you use is totally up to you. Choose what fits you and makes sense.

How To Use It

Now how you organize your Manifestation Journal is totally up to you, but here is what works for me.


In the mornings write out 3 to 5 things you are grateful for. You can also write out some personal affirmations if you feel called to put them in writing.

Then write out your goals for the day. This isn’t a shopping list or to do list for work, but personal growth things, like:

  • Today I will smile and say hi to at least 3 strangers.
  • I will tackle that new recipe for dinner.
  • Today I will not react emotionally to <insert trigger>.
  • I will not spend any money today.

Review your goals from the previous day and jot down notes about how things went with those goals. Make note of your successes and progress with your goals. Try to keep it positive and focus on lessons learned, improvements and growth!

Rants can be added whenever they are needed. Hopefully most days rants are not needed but when they are, use your journal! Just make sure you go back and do your rant review once you are ready.


Now here is the big thing. Every month I start a new page and write down my BIG GOALS. These are those big scary goals that you dream of making a reality. Every month write those goals out again.

Yes for some goals you will be writing them out every month for years. That’s perfectly OK and is exactly why we do this. Growth takes time. Some goals need a lot of time. Our manifestation journal will help us stay on track to manifest those goals into reality.

Your goals could be around of getting out of debt, losing weight, training for a new career, starting a new business, etc. Whatever your big goals are that will take extended time and effort to make into reality, write those down at the beginning of the month.

Then flip back to the previous page, and add a few thoughts on your successes and progress you made in the previous month towards achieving your goals. It is important you take a moment and honour and celebrate progress, even if it is small. No matter what, find something positive to say about your goals and your work towards those goals. Even if it is a lesson learned after falling off the wagon or losing track of your goals.

Now before you finish take a few moments to meditate on your goals, dreams, hopes.

I like to take my journal, place it on a table with some candles and crystals. I might burn some incense. Then taking a deep breath I close my eyes and visualize my dreams and goals coming true. Take time to live the visualization, feel it through all of your senses.

After your meditation, I like to follow up with a tarot reading around my goals for the month and write the reading in my book right after my monthly goals page.

Now I am ready to move into my daily Manifestation Journal practice again for the rest of the month.

Manifesting My Higher Self

We all want to grow and make the beautiful life we deserve. A manifestation journal is a wonderful way to help make those dreams reality.

Manifestation Journal for Higher Self and Goal Attainment

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