Crystal gridding and sacred geometry for manifestation
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Crystal Gridding and Sacred Geometry

Throughout history shapes have fascinated people, so much so, that many cultures feel there is divinity in certain shapes. Known as Sacred Geometry, its origins trace back to the 2000 BCE–1001 BCE in Egyptian and Mesopotamian cultures. Thirteen centuries later philosophers and thinkers including Pythagoras started to really embrace it in ancient Greece. Today, Sacred Geometry has exploded in popularity thanks to the very popular practice of Crystal Gridding.

Crystal Grids and the Power of Sacred Geometry

Crystal gridding and sacred geometry for manifestation

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Before we get started, let’s clarify a few terms that are important when crystal gridding. Specifically, what is Sacred Geometry and what is a Crystal Grid.

What is Sacred Geometry?

Sacred geometry in the simplest terms is the study of the spiritual meaning of shapes that are found in nature. It can be applied to the forms, numbers, and patterns seen throughout the natural world. The spiral of a snail’s shell, the unique design of a single snowflake, and the branches or inner rings of a tree are all examples of sacred geometry.

Learn about the sacred geometry of Metatron’s Cube.

Sacred Geometry

What is a Crystal Grid?

For this definition I consulted The Crystal Grids Handbook by Judy Hall.

“Based on the subtle energy dynamics of sacred geometry, a crystal grid is a precise pattern laid using empowered crystals for the purpose of manifesting a desired outcome, or for cleansing and safeguarding a space.”

Crystal gridding is an incredibly beautiful and wonderful way to practice mindfulness, self care, and connecting with your higher self, by taking time to connect with the crystals and shapes, and fully ground yourself in the process.

Flower of Life Grid

How to Create a Crystal Grid

In essence, creating a grid is simple. You can even buy a premade crystal grid board that guide you in the placement of crystals, but I also encourage you to use your intuition and learn about sacred geometry to create crystal grid patterns that align with your higher self.

There are essentially four steps to making and setting up a crystal grid.

1 – Set your intention

What is your goal for your grid? Are you looking to connect with your higher self? Is your goal to manifest new opportunities? Or perhaps you want to create a protection grid for your sacred space. Whatever your intention, make it crystal clear in your mind. You can even write it out and burn it to help fully set your intention.

2 – Crystal selection and shape selection

Next you need to choose your crystals and the sacred geometric shape for your grid. This is where having a good resource comes in handy. You want to have some knowledge of crystals to ensure you are selecting ones that align with your intention and that will work together with other crystal selections to empower your grid.

The sacred geometry you select is also important. If you have a premade grid board, you can use that, or reference a book to find the shape that aligns most with your intentions.

Both the Crystal Grids Handbook and Sacred Geometry – Your Personal Guide, are fantastic resources to have at your side as you learn about crystal gridding.

3 – Setting up the grid

Now you have your intention, crystals and shape, it is time to layout your grid. As you place each crystal into the grid shape repeat your intention and feel the energy building through you.

4 – Activating the grid

Once the last crystal is place it is time to activate your grid. You can do this with your voice by simply stating, “with my words I activate this grid with my intention” then state your intention. I like to hold my hands over the grid as I do this.

Another option is to use a wand. To use a wand, slowly draw it across each crystal in the grid, ending with the keystone or central stone. Envision your intention and energy flowing into the grid then being amplified out into the world. End by stating your intention.

Dismantling a Crystal Grid

When you are finished with your grid, if you used a wand, reverse the process you used to activate it. If you didn’t use a wand, simply place your hands over the grid and thank the grid for the work that was done. Then with intention, slowly remove each crystal visualizing the energy coming back into the crystals, and then back into you.

Cleansing the Crystals and Space

After setting a grid it is important to cleanse the crystals and space. I like to use smoke to clear the space and I pass the crystals through the smoke to cleanse them. I will also use a cleansing spray like Florida Water to provide a final clearing and uplifting to the space.

You can also cleanse your crystals by setting them on an selenite plate or an iron pentacle. Or set them out to be cleansed under a full moon.

Once cleansed, I like to wrap my crystals in black silk to store them until I use them again for my next crystal grid.

The most important thing to remember with using crystal grids is to trust your own intuition. Your connection to your intention, crystals and the shapes is the most important part of creating and using crystal grids and sacred geometry.

Crystal Gridding for intentions and manifestation

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