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Easy Turmeric and Dandelion Soap

Getting back to nature is one of the greatest ways to connect with yourself. Recently I have rediscovered my childhood love of Dandelions. Now I want to use Dandelions in ALL THE THINGS! Today I want to share a super easy, luxurious, and skin loving soap recipe for you, using our favourite ingredient… Dandelions!

Homemade Soap With Dandelions

Dandelion Soap

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My favourite way to connect with Mother Earth and literally get back to my roots, is to go forging. And one of the simplest items to forge around here in the spring is Dandelions. My yard is a sea of yellow. And I love it!

I am very careful not to use any toxins on our lands. So I know all of my Dandelions are safe.

So after a recent forging session in the yard I decided to make these soaps to preserve that spring fresh experience all summer long.

This soap recipe is very simple and is perfect for those new to soap making.


1/2 pound clear melt and pour soap, cut into cubes
2 tablespoons turmeric powder
2 tablespoons dried Dandelions or 1 cup fresh blossoms (see drying instructions)
1 tablespoon cocoa butter
2-3 drops Argan oil
10-20 drops turmeric essential oil
Oval silicone mold
Spray bottle of rubbing alcohol
2 Microwave safe measuring cups
Mixing spoon


Forging for Dandelions

If you are forging for fresh Dandelions you will need to collect and dry your Dandelions before you can use them in your soap. It is very important to ensure the moisture has been removed from the plants before using them in soaps.

It is best to harvest the Dandelions a few hours after sunrise. When the flowers have opened and all the dew has just evaporated from the planet. Depending on where you live, this could be late morning or early afternoon.

How to make Dandelion Soap

Drying Dandelion Blossoms

For this project we only need the blossoms. So you can just dry the blossoms, or do the whole plant and use the other parts for different recipes and projects.

Inspect each flower for any dirt or insects and ensure they are removed. Rinse the plants under cool water. Then pat dry with paper towels, before letting them finish air drying for another 30 minutes. You want to remove as much moisture as possible in this process.

There are a few ways to dry Dandelions.

One way is to use a dehydrator if you have one, but if you don’t here is another way to dry them using a “wilt” method.

To wilt dry the Dandelions, spread the flowers out on a tea towel in a single layer where they are out of direct sunlight and drafts. Let the flowers wilt naturally overnight. In the morning, they will be ready to use in your soap.

A faster method is to sun dry them, but you will need to keep an eye on the blossoms with this method. Take your Dandelion flowers and scatter them on a smooth flat surface like a cookie sheet in the full sun. Make sure it is a warm, dry day with no wind. Within 1 to 3 hours your flowers will be dried and wilted. Ready to use! Don’t let them over dry, which is very easy to do with sun drying.

Store any dried Dandelions loosely in an airtight container.

Now our Dandelions are ready, it’s time to make Dandelion soap!

Making Dandelion Soap

If your soap is not already cut up into squares, cut it up into squares. The melt and pour soaps are marked to make this easy. Use a cutting board and sharp knife to make the cuts.

Making Dandelion Soap Supplies

Add the clear soap to your measuring cup. Melt the soap in the microwave in 30 second bursts until the soap is completely melted.

In a different container melt cocoa butter using the same technique we used for the soap. Once melted, add the cocoa butter to soap measuring cup. Now add the argan oil and turmeric essential oil. Mix.

Add the turmeric powder and dried dandelion flowers to the measuring cup. Mix until completely combined.

Spray the soap mold with rubbing alcohol. This prevents bubbles from forming in your soap. Pour the soap mixture into the mold. Spray top of mixture with rubbing alcohol to prevent bubbles on the top too.

Dandelion Soaps Melt and Pour

Allow the soaps to harden completely in the molds. It is best to leave them for about 24 hours to cure completely.

To release the soaps from the mold, gently push from the bottom and pull the silicone away to pop the soaps free.

Store your Dandelion Soaps in an airtight container or Ziploc bag until ready to use.

Next… Dandelion Bath Bombs

Once you have made soaps why not try your hand at these natural, gentle homemade bath bombs that are also made with our favourite weed, Dandelions!

Dandelion Natural Bath Bombs DIY

Have fun using Dandelions in all the things!

Dandelion Soap Making Project

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