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How To Make a Magic Moon Mirror

Looking for a DIY project that will bring some magic to your space? This Moon Mirror is incredibly easy to make and adds a stunning and gorgeous accent to your space. Place it near some crystals or talismans, and display it with pride.

Magic Moon Mirror DIY Project

Moon Mirror DIY

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I love a DIY project that is quick and easy, and has a huge WOW factor. I am also kind of obsessed with Moon themed décor. There is something ethereal and magical about adding moons around your living space that gives it a special energy.

But I am also a very busy working mom and need quick and easy projects! This Moon Mirror fits the bill perfectly.

DIY Moon Mirror Project


Spackling paste (300 ml or 10oz)
White sand (300 ml or 10 oz)
Antique White acrylic paint (35 ml or 1 oz)
Round mirror (approx. 12″, )
An egg (or round marble or crystal sphere)
Cotton balls or sponge


If you want to use a larger mirror to fit your space (Yeah! Bigger is better!), simply increase the amount of paste to make your moon.


This is a super easy project. It takes less than 30 minutes to make, plus time to let it dry overnight. Imagine transforming your space into a magical moon place with just 30 minutes of effort!


Gather the supplies.

Magic Moon Mirror DIY Supplies


Add the spackling paste, the white sand, and the acrylic paint into a bowl. Mix it with the spatula until it blends well and becomes a paste.

Moon Mirror Step 1


Outline the moon on the left side of the mirror with a bit of the mix. Or if you really want to be exact, use a sharpie.


With the spatula, spread the paste over the moon portion of your mirror. You don’t have to be too careful here – remember the moon is a dynamic surface full of intricate details, and you want the spackle to look perfectly imperfect.

Making a Mirror


Dip an egg (or a crystal sphere or large marble) into the spackle to create a crater. Use your finger to add texture to it.

Making Craters on Moon Mirror


With a cotton ball or sponge, stipple over the shape of the moon to add texture to it. Make sure to get the edges as well to create a blended look!

Finishing Touches on Mirror


Let it dry overnight and voila! One stunning, magical moon mirror!


Place your mirror somewhere special. Use a stand, or if you want to hang your mirror, I love using 3M strips.

Magic Mirror

Magic Mirror Self Love

Now you have made your Magic Moon Mirror, how can you use it?

One powerful use for a special mirror, is in your daily affirmations and for self love. Every day take a moment to say loving affirmations to yourself while looking in the mirror. Tell yourself how you are strong, beautiful, loved… all while looking at your reflection. Feed positive energy into the mirror and let it reflect back at you.

Don’t focus on negatives. Just as the moon is potted and aged, it is still stunningly beautiful. Just as your years have made you beautiful. Let that spirit and positivity flow feed back into yourself.

Just as you don’t want those you love speaking negatively about themselves, you don’t want to speak negatively about yourself. It can take time and practice to change these negative habits that have been formed over a lifetime. A few minutes a day with your mirror can start to change these patterns.

Once you are done with your affirmations and self love, say thank you to yourself.

When you first start using your mirror to practice self love and empowerment, it may feel awkward, but over time the practice will become more comfortable. Don’t give up on yourself!

Special Touches

Want to make your Magic Moon Mirror even more magical? Here are some extra touches you can consider adding:

While texturing the moon add small crystals.

If you like colour or sparkle, when mixing up the spackle paste, instead of tan paint, use a colour that is meaningful for you or add some glitter to the mix.

As a final step, before the spackle starts drying, scribe in a sigil or rune that has special meaning for you.

I hope you find your Moon Mirror brings you many blessings!

Magic Moon Mirror

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